BIG NAZO is an international touring group of Larger-than-Life sized, audience-interactive mutant puppet-creatures and masked musicians who invade streets and stages around the world.

BIG NAZO’s misfit tribe of trolls, extra-terrestrials and human-animal hybrids combine comedy, live music and a variety of puppet, mask and wearable sculpture techniques to create visual spectacles and audience-interactive alien configurations.

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Images of the BIG NAZO INTERGALACTIC CREATURE BAND performance at the Ghoulish Gala (fundraiser for Gallery Night Providence) at Fete on October 9, 2014.

Photos: Thomas Alan Photography

BIG NAZO’s Intergalctic Mobile Creature band weaves through the crowds to the Kids Zone stage at Burlington Vermont’s Festival Of Fools on 8/3/14.

Photos: Jesse Grullon

International Students from the St Andrews School summer Creature-Creation camp class explore the BIG NAZO LAB and pose with Instructor Miguel Rivera of Misfited Monsters fame, on 7/14/14

Photos: Jesse Grullon

BIG NAZO Mobile Creature Band: messing around on an Ottawa street corner. July 2014

The BIG NAZO Intergalactic Mobile Creature Band plays the streets of Downtown Ottawa on it’s way to the BluesFest Festival site. July 2014

Photo: Glorbo


This Dragon Bird was installed for PVD Putt Putt in Armory Park, Providence, RI.

The Dragon Bird, the last of it’s species and with no hope of generating
more of it’s own kind, stares down patiently & forever into it’s nest at
the little objects and golf balls that resemble the tender shelled eggs
from which it once hatched.
Participants are invited to add yet another egg-ball of hope for the
one-of-a-kind creature to ponder and dream upon.

BIG NAZO LAB Dragon Bird Fabrication Ensemble:

Miguel Rivera…….Main structure, body form, head & butt  fabrication
Harry Stewart…….Feet construction,  general fabrication, surface coating
CJ Guilfoyle…………Fabrication assistance, Beak structuring, painting and detail work
Flannery Brown…..Horn and claw creation, facial details
Jennifer Avery…….Wart and surface detail
Jose Monteiro………… Nest creation
Kenneth Norman……… Ball ramp and surface coating

Photo Credit: Jessie Grullon and Jennifer Avery